[NOTE: Snapshots was a writing exercise I did a while ago where I picked someone I knew and wrote stuff about them. Wierd, yes. But it got me writing.]

(written as if to each other)

Some times it becomes too much to bear
the tears of so many
the compassion of so few
but when the world gets too loud
I hear your voice
and I remember-
there will always be you.

And though my face may change,
as I grow old and pale
we will remain
for with our souls entwined
we cannot fail.

Whatever my change-
whether oceans rise and dictators may fall
You will remain, as my fire, my constant, my all

You are a sun,
catching those around you
in your rays of light.
Warming those nights spent in seedy pubs and dark carparks
with a flick of your wrist
& a well placed twirl.

Do you know your power? (your orbital pull)
The crowd looks away –
they would prefer an eclipse
(its hard to look at things in a different light)
But you’ll leave them wishing for just one more day
they’ll be waiting for the light to come round again
so come out at play.

There was once a girl
Who loved to smile, to live, to love
and we loved her.
She would fly through us
having adventures we could only see in her eyes
and we wanted to fly with her
for she was our star.

But she wasn’t safe –
though beautiful, her light could burn.
She felt this pain, marked it on her skin
And decided to fly to the stars,
to understand what she was.

But she flew too high.

And those cruel stars blinded her.

she began to fall
“this is the best kind of flying” she smiled
as she
BURN up.

Our brilliant shooting star.
Burning up before our eyes.
How long before the last spark fades
& there is nothing left?