Here it is-
There was a girl who liked to play alone, perfectly content with solo sandcastle projects and silent wilderness wanders
(it helped her hear the whispers).

Then one day she met a prince
who told her
“don’t you know, life’s better with two?
This land isn’t made for wandering
but strolling
hand in hand.”

So she learned to stroll
and discovered she could now climb the tallest tree –
with a boost up from her boy king.
She learned to love embracing at night and awaking a hot sticky mess

Until she woke one day to find her prince gone
and now, no longer two-
but not complete as one
she could not even reach her former heights
nor walk in the wilderness
for fear of the screeching sounds she heard
(the gentle whispers long gone)

What was she to do?
There was no other prince coming to rescue her!

So she bandaged her wounds
tied her hands
and whispered goodbye to the sand
the songs and all her senses.