I wake up with the pain, my heart aches and I feel

lost, lost lost

whispers are all around me

about her arms entwined with his

and I wallow, escaping into myself

Until I hear a small voice

beckoning me forwards

God touches my shoulder

and calls my name.

He says

“Wake up

Open your eyes

and crawl out of yourself.

You cry about your broken heart

but ignore those around you

who have been injured, who nurse broken bones.

You feel lost?

Let me tell you 100 stories

that break my heart

But first lose your name

so I can teach you 1000 new 0nes

that belong to my children

ripped from the light

and thrown to the dark

to be forever Lost.”

And so what do i do?

I start walking

and my limbs uncurl.

I unfold my arms

that have been holding all this pain in

and I begin to cradle the wounded to my chest.